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ester and sean just rolled a muffin joint. no, seriously. a joint made entirely of fragments from a dryed out, day old muffin. ester truly is, muffin golightly.

sean tried to roll a bowl. yeah. i know.

i'm pretending to sneak into folk fest with the others, even though i can get in regardless due to my employment opportunity, anyways, i just want to appear as though i'm rebellious and cutting edge.

ester is wearing a strap, so that people, namely, can pick her up in a bar.

sean can imitate b adams so well, so subtle. he's so damn cute. you just want to hug and squeeze him, because he acts like a happy bunny.

i want to go to chile.
also, there is now a light in the bathroom. now your knuckles don't have to graze the floor as your searching for toilet paper in the dank, cold, dark.

i wish i just lived here already.
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