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The Infinite And Infamous House Of Pain

everything everybody hopes to be

The Infinite House Of Pain
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This 'journal' centers around the immediate lives of the inhabitants residing in the infinite and infamous House Of Pain. Roomates past and present, including some cameo's by our friends and associates. We, are fucked.

Combining an interesting mix of the subversive, the ultra left, communism, pure Red idealism, prone to bipolar tendencies, characteristics attributed to bouts of extreme depression, repression and denial, the sexually liberated, feminism, chaotic social patterns, varying degrees of repetitive drug use, existentialism, and numerous and somewhat random esoteric nerds conglomerated into one diverse, enigmatic social gathering.

In short, we are cool, messed up, undefinable and unbelievably intelligent. In fact, we'll fucking blow you away. We'll out debate, out argue, out wit and inspire you, all while out drinking you and your friends that wish they were us. We are, the embodiment, of The House Of Pain.


and we have really, ridiculously good taste in music.